digital business card FOR ALL LEVEL PROFESSIONS

15th April 2022 | by Acan Shahid

digital business card


Being a professional practitioner in Multimedia Creative & Design makes the daily routine challenging when meeting people. Like Amir’s interest in art & design, music, and fashion fan. Sometimes he plays the role of Music Producer, occasionally graphic designer. But, most of the time, he loves to shoot and edit stunning videos. In line with the world of digitalization, he is aware of the essentials of the digital business card.

Every time Amir met people or prospects, they frequently asked about the artwork portfolio and how to contact them further. Despite repeating the traditional method, he assembled all his artwork in one link. Using, he managed to link all the portfolios limitlessly. The artwork includes video footage, posters, songs, etc. All info about himself in one link. Phone number, WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Instagram, and many more as he wishes to put.


Now he is no longer sick and tired of carrying a bundle of paper business cards if any event is organized. Instead of previous, he passed the paper business card to all over friends/ prospects or attendees. After that, he did not get any analysis of how many people were engaged and interested in his artwork.

It’s essential to know how many prospects he was engaged with. Tapje. La is equipped with features of analytic data sources from the link in his bio link. Amir will know how many people he met with a single tap. Then the bio link will do other analytic jobs. People interested in learning further about his artwork will click the link and automatically contribute to the data analysis shown. Besides that, Amir earns views through his YouTube Feed embedded in his bio link. It’s super easy if you play with pixel retargeting the people you have met before using Facebook and Instagram ads.

The best thing is he creates his profile as a mini landing site. So no more hassle to build his website, which you need a domain, hosting, maintenance, etc. All info together to be transferred by NFC technology by any smartphone, the latest version. With a card or tag, a suit he likes. So Amir gets himself connected in this digitalization world, so how about you?

digital business card