1st Mac 2022 | by Acan Shahid

digital business card
digital business card

Have you often heard the cliché dialogue “ Sorry guys, I left my business card in my car”? Unfortunately, Malaysian people are sick and tired when these things happen when you meet someone or in a group.


A business card is a kind of reputation, and people cant be separated. It shows everything that you will never tell what is yourself about. For example, what company are you working for, what designation are you now, and the most crucial info is how the person will contact you further.


If that person thinks you might need to be contacted, luckily, your info might be helpful to keep in their phone contact. If nothing triggers them, then they will go throw to the dustbin. That is a fact.


Moreover, you engage with prospect/ lead as sales person, business advisor, real estate, corporate representative, etc. With it simplifies everything for networking. Just one tap, one biolink it will change your life become easier.

Every time your customer/ prospect/ leads view your profile, you will see the analytic. Thus, you are going to find a way to fire your marketing efficiently. Not only are they getting you contact number by single tap, but you can also redirect them to your website and keep firing your marketing awareness campaign.


All social media in one link. No haywire to ask every single time. “Hey, come again with your Facebook and Instagram account. I will add you later.” All centralized in one single link. Believe us. This digital business card + button tag will change your quality and efficiency of networking.

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